For complex problems.


StatCog is

a company that brings you clarity in complexity by AI and science.

a cooperation of physicists and developers from various fields.

the partner that helps you via mathematical modeling, statistical analysis and personalised solutions.

an interdisciplinary bridge between science and industry.

your next step towards a streamlined work process.

Choose us because

we have applicable knowledge in broad areas of science.

you will gain access to comprehensive proficiency in the latest technologies and methods.

we create fundamentally novel and personalised models and algorithms for your specific needs.

we can provide a fresh view and a pioneering solution for a problem that seemed hopeless.

We can help you

in automatisation, optimisation, prediction, data analysis, machine vision and in a wide range of problems.

with consultation to profoundly understand the opportunities of the future.

create value from even the information you don’t know you have.

generate data structures that are immensely valuable, either you continue to work with us or others.

Work with us

because you will make the decisions based on substantial but compact information.

is profitable, because we are efficiency focused, professional and accurate.

is safe, because we deal with unanticipated problems with genuine interest and rational placidity.

is illuminating because we have access to various specialists and we can communicate their expertise in an accessible way.

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